The "Big" Picture

The map below presents all confirmations documented by the Cougar Network to date. It provides an excellent illustration of the increasing phenomenon of verified cougar presence in the eastern half of North America. Click on the map below to expand.

DISCLAIMER:  These cougar confirmation data are the sole property of The Cougar Network, and are not to be used by anyone, for any purpose, without permission of The Cougar Network

Conclusions to Date

Western cougar populations have been increasing since the 1960s, largely due to increased legal protection for the cats and to the growth and expansion of prey populations. Dr. Maurice Hornocker, a prominent cougar expert, was recently quoted as saying "There may now be more mountain lions in the West than there were before European settlement." The evidence that the Cougar Network has collected to date suggests that the species is beginning to re-colonize several of the adjacent prairie states, and possibly even some of the Midwestern and Southeastern states as well. The origin of cougars found further east is less clear. Detailed analysis and documentation for all of these events can be obtained from our Confirmations page.



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